Mapping and Geographic Information System

Access interactive maps by clicking here

Real time precipitation, reservoir elevation (lake levels), and stream stage and flow information is available on the Flood Monitoring System Web Map.

District related mapping can be viewed on the UBCWCID Public Web Map.  All action capabilities are on the left hand side of the map (toggle layers on and off, identify objects, draw, measure, and print).  Use the downward and sideways pointing arrows on the far left to drill down to more detailed layering.  General information layers include city limits, parcels, contours, watersheds, etc.  District specific layers include the District boundary, dam locations, and inundation easements.  All of the gage information can be accessed on this site, as well as the effective FEMA Flood Hazard Zones.

Contact the District office for credentials to access more secure information.  This authorization is reserved for District staff, District elected officials, and local emergency responders.